Monday, March 19, 2012

I love the look of fresh produce (or as fresh as we can get in the Midwest) on the counter.  Laid out like this, it's so easy to visualize the next meal or snack.  Notice my papaya, it's the first time I've ever purchased one and my housekeeper pointed out that it's a little green.  Yes?  Isn't it supposed to be?  She said in the Philippines they would cook the green ones as if it were a vegetable and put it in stews or stir fry.  Let it ripen to yellow before eating it as a fruit.

When I asked if she knew what durian was, she exclaimed how wonderful they are.  She said that it was easy to get when she worked in Singapore, but her employer couldn't stand the smell.  I've heard they are pretty stinky.  So she'd have to eat it out of the house.  Imagine.  Her excitement is contagious, so I'm on a mission to find one in Chicago.  China town, first.  She'll have to join me on my hunt to help pick out the best one.

My journey to raw started a little more than a year ago, and in that time I feel I've learned more about food than in my forty plus years.  In the past, time spent in the produce isle would take about two minutes at the most as I would pick up a bag of lettuce, cucumber, carrots and tomato.  Not much more than that.  Now, I cruise the isles looking for something I haven't tried before, then I'll corner the produce manager to get the scoop.

Eating only fruit today wasn't as big of a challenge as I had imagined.  I am not hungry, but I cannot say with honesty that I feel satiated.  For instance, I could plunge right into that bag of chips that I found hiding in my daughter's reading corner.  I didn't.  Or clean up, eat up, the leftovers from dinner.  I didn't.  I made my husband and kids do the cleanup.  Hey, this diet is great for my family  :)
Today's reflection was about carving out time for thinking.  That was easy today, carving out the time, that is.  After a weekend of hauling luggage and moving around hotel furniture (to make way for a gaggle of girls to have a sleepover), my lower back is out.  Jinjee's Daily Raw Inspiration about yoga healing poses was incredibly timely.  My typical weekday is that of chauffeuring the kids to and from school.  That leaves a lot of time for thought.  Not all of it is positive.  In some pain, it was easy to focus on negative thoughts.  Once they enter, boy do they flow.  At some point, when I realized that I was obsessing over some insignificant slight from someone, like really obsessing, I caught myself.

My sister-in-law writes a beautiful blog of her experiences in marriage, infertility, divorce, remarriage, more infertility (I've shared that road), and love.  I bring her up because she wrote once about the limited amount of energy a person has in a day can be consumed by negative thoughts.  Oh, yes.  Consumed.  I did catch myself and had a good laugh.  In spite of the chronic pain today, I chose not to be consumed by that negativity.  There is probably an amends, or resolution that may need to be worked out some day in the future.  But for today, I turned the page and moved on.

By the way, the orange, banana, blueberry smoothie for dinner was divine.  My little one loved it so much, he had almost no appetite left for his "other" dinner.  Change is possible.

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