Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Signs of Spring

On a normal year in Chicago, any sign of spring is so subtle - the little pokes of buds braving the wind, rain and cold - that I celebrate it with great enthusiasm.  This year we had almost no winter to speak of (I'm not complaining), and in the middle of March we've been enjoying weeks of mid-seventies and even a few eighty plus days sprinkled in (well timed with a trip to a local resort - thank you weather gods).  So during my walk today, to photograph signs of spring seemed a little, well, anti-climatic.  Spring has sprung straight into summer, so it seems.  Nevertheless, it was a glorious day.  If my back weren't out, I would have walked further.  But walked I did along my much loved lakefront path.  Enjoy.

bouys - those little dots in the harbor herald in a new season of boating
sunbathers - everywhere

bursting buds

daffodils - yellow is my least favorite color, except on daffodils

white blossoms everywhere - some of them smell like dead fish
ivy - those creepy, black tentacles of winter come to life

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