Monday, March 12, 2012

Start Here

My lunch today, minus the Quinoa.  Storm's Tabouli.

I've made the online transaction.  My credit card cleared.  I've downloaded, unzipped and printed all the documents.  My 11-year-old daughter and I organized the papers, punched holes, and put them in a binder labeling each subject (her idea - she's the organized one).  She had even made a cover page including a sweet note.

Yesterday, she and I went shopping together.  Whole Foods was the easiest to go to knowing they would have things like young Thai coconut, hemp seeds, raw carob powder, and kelp noodles.  They didn't have the noodles - the grocery manager says they don't have a source that meets their standards - hmmm.  Whole Foods is crazy on the weekend, but my daughter loved it as she moved from isle to isle sampling the free food.  Funny, I was so focused on "the list" that eating, for once, was not on my agenda.

Last night, as I looked over what I'd be eating today, I admit I was a little scared.  No coffee?  I know, this ought to go, yet, I've been using it with Conviction since research has supported its use to ward off depression.  I'm still going to try to drop it.  My hope that with the balance of better nutrition and daily exercise, that I can let go of this vice and still get through my foggy days.

Before going to bed, I juiced a bag of oranges.  The kids were amused.  Next time I'm going to get my 3-year-old to help.  When I slow down and let him enter the process, he is more apt to try new things.  Albeit it makes cleanup a greater chore, but it's worth it to bring him in, rather than keep him out. 

Breakfast today consisted of fresh orange juice.  That seems impossible.  Yet, how many mornings have I got the kids ready and off to school, taken yoga and ran to get groceries all on a single cup of coffee?  Energy is energy.  Oranges have a lot of it.  Well, during yoga today, it didn't seem like it was enough energy.  I felt so weak.  Perhaps I'll add an extra cup right before class, or my all time favorite, lemon water with maple syrup.

A year ago when I looked at this food plan, I thought it was impossible.  Too extreme.  The more extreme it is, the less likely I will succeed.  And why would I want to diet in a manner that I wouldn't want to eat full time, forever?  A year forward to today, a lot has changed.  I've been so impressed with the food that my raw friends share.  It is all so fresh and delicious.  Never would I feel deprived eating it.  I began to work a few recipes into my weekly routine.  Then I bought a Vita Mix and began making green smoothies.  Not everyday, but frequently enough that I was no longer interested in a big bowl of highly processed cereal in the morning.  I stopped taking the kids to McDonalds, which really meant, I stopped eating at McDonalds.  I brought raw food dishes to pot lucks.  People began to ask for recipes.

With all this change in the last year, I have not lost any weight.  In my mind, I've believed that with every new food, new healthy dish that I add to my diet, that I would have less room to eat the junk food, and therefore lose weight.  That doesn't seem to work.  I have an enormous capacity to eat.  I enjoy my beautiful fresh food, yet while sitting with my family at dinner, I will eat what they're having as well. 

I need a food plan.  I need to talk about it, regularly with people who understand.  And I really need to make this change.  It is not about being thin, or running a marathon.  I'm getting older and I'm beginning to feel the effects of my weight gain and poor nutrition.  I don't know if I'll ever wake up in the morning without creaking and popping, but I'd like to get to the point where my first steps aren't so crippling.  I would really like to be healthier and more active for my children, so I can stop saying to them, "Mommy doesn't run.  You go do it."  I would like to enjoy the clear thought, and confidence of living with good health.  So this is where I am.  I am going to start here.

Do you want to join me?  Follow this link over to The Garden Diet.

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