Friday, April 13, 2012

Daily Walk

This week I figured out how a small matter of home economics can benefit my health goals.   The cost of taking a cab to yoga one way is equivalent to the cost of parking while at yoga.  Cab there, Bikram yoga 90 minutes, and walk the two miles home.  Today I extended myself thinking that if I walk first, I have all of 90 minutes in 105 temps to work out all my aches and pains from walking.  I might have been a little dehydrated during class.  Not my strongest, but as I wrote earlier this week, every class is a good class because I did the class. 

I don't play chess, but thought it would be amusing to try it here.

The joy of walking home is that I dawdle and snap a few photos along the way.  Today, not so much joy, my pack was heavy and cabs were unusually scarce.  But I did manage to catch a couple images that I like.  

Sometimes, the motivation to get out and walk is in finding something interesting to shoot.

I want to check into this - learning to sail at the yacht club, maybe?

I may shoot the same lake meets horizon view every time I get out there, but each time it is something new.  Now that spring is in full force, the buoys are all set up, some early bird boats have arrived in the harbor, and the sun is definitely higher. 

I wonder if photographing with a camera phone can really be referred to as shooting.  Easy cheats.  After yoga, carrying around my real camera is a serious commitment. 

Have a good weekend.

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