Monday, April 30, 2012

Shame Free Shopping

I'm not feeling so great today - 3rd day being so sick and frankly, no matter how much my family gives me warm hugs and words of encouragement, they still need me to drive all over town and then ask me what's for dinner.  I want a sick day like in the olden days - like when I'd put a call in to my boss, turned off the pager (old school, I know), and took some NyQuil and slept the remainder of the day.  In spite of feeling lousy, I stopped by the grocery store to shop my list for needed supplies - almost all of which were fruits and veggies.  When shopping from my garden diet list, I can't help but feel better when checking out.  There is nothing on the conveyor belt to bring me shame.  No bags of chips, cookie dough ice cream, or family size packs of Oreos.  There was a time when I'd look at all the crap from my cart laid out on the belt and my mind would swim with lame explanations for why I was buying that junk.  As if anyone would ask.  I admit I felt a little smug when I had to identify a few items like the celery root or point out the difference between cilantro and flat leaf parsley (smell it!).  Poor cashier, if you ask me about food, I can't stop talking.  My voice is almost bass from my cold and yet I still gave him the recipes for everything I plan to eat over the next 48 hours.  Hopefully I didn't give him this virus as well.  Poor dude.  

Instead of making the nut sushi tomorrow (a little too nutty for me), I'm going to try using celery root as a rice substitute.  If it's good, I'll put up a post and pics tomorrow.

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  1. Ohhh - sorry you have a cold. Loved your shopping for food story!