Thursday, April 05, 2012

Spring Break

The kids are on spring break, and my grand plans for a staycation in Chicago have been thwarted by my nagging, and often acute back pain.  It is times like this that illustrate how my ideas for them to have a great time are often much different than their own.  Chloe has enjoyed sleeping in daily with a stack of books to work through at her leisure with no big schedule to rule her days.  She's enjoyed a few movie dates with friends to see The Hunger Games (violent, sad, and not nearly as good as the book - but we knew that) and Mirror Mirror.  Skip it - the funniest lines were in the previews.  The rest of the movie was flat.

This little ditty was much more amusing than the actual movie:

Yesterday we finally made the trip as she'd been begging to see the Thorne Miniature Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago.  She has been anxious to go since reading "The Sixty-Eight Rooms" recommended to her by our friend, Ellen, from our favorite bookstore, Sandmeyers Book Store.  We are fortunate to live in walking distance of the museum, so going to see just one exhibit is just my speed when there with kids.  I love that Chloe and her friends each had grabbed a book from our library before leaving.  Every bench, nook and cranny at the museum, they would sneak a break and a paragraph.  I so love it when literature intertwines with visual art to pull my daughter out of the pages of a book into a different medium.  I could totally envision her as a teenager - owning that museum, knowing every gallery and all the good spots to escape for an afternoon.

Finally, a moment to read uninterrupted.

Jasper has simply enjoyed not having to go to school.  Although each day at school he comes home with smiles, he is never happy to go.  Every morning he wakes up with the question, "Mom, do I have school today?"  No baby, it's spring break.  He's been loving the extra time hanging around in his jammies helping me whip up smoothies in the kitchen, or sitting with his sister as she creates worlds in MineCraft, or playing with his favorite babysitter while I nurse my back.  There has been lots of time in the park, or along the waterfront, or in the playroom building train tracks and playing with Legos.

We've enjoyed such a lovely spring in Chicago, I haven't had that desperate urge to get out of town.  This was one of those weeks when I just loved being home with my kids, enjoying the life we have here.

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  1. Beautiful! I hope your back gets better soon!