Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time to Get Some Sleep

I'm the one in the family who's pushing the kids to get to bed so they get enough sleep.  And then, once that task is accomplished, I resist going to sleep myself.  The house is quiet.  No one is making demands on me.  I can read.  Watch a movie.  Contemplate.  Write.  Edit photos.  Have sex : )  The list is endless.  It's my me time, and I am loathe to give it up.  Yet there has been a buzz the last few years in how sleep deprivation is linked to obesity.  I've heard the news, but haven't paid much attention to it, nor have I made any changes.  All along, my weight has been creeping up and up.  Last week, Science Translational Medicine published a solid piece of research to further this information.  Interrupted sleep slows the metabolism and increases the risk of diabetes. 

"The irregular, restricted sleep schedule also slowed metabolism to a rate that, if sustained over an entire year with no other changes in the person’s routine and diet, would amount to more than 12 pounds of weight gain."

I'm working on some great changes in my diet.  I'm loving my regular walks and yoga workouts.  To complete this effort, especially now that my little one isn't continually waking me up all night, it is time for me to lighten up and get some sleep!

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