Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sexy Raw Diet Or Why I Don't Dream of Cooking Like The Pioneer Woman Anymore

When I was little, I asked my big sister to call me "Fruits".

It's detox week on The Garden Diet.  Yesterday was all fruit including watermelon juice for breakfast, fruit salad for lunch and a fruit smoothie for dinner.  Yesterday was also a very regular day, which left me feeling a lot lighter and energetic.  Zing!

I love my Angel juicer.  That pulp is about as dry as saw dust.  No juice wasted!

 Today is all greens.  Green juice for breakfast, tossed greens for lunch and a green smoothie for dinner.

Kale, celery, cucumber, green apple, lemon and ginger.  Perfect.

 Again, very regular.  Much lighter and energetic already.  The scale shows it, too.  Down, down, down the needle is dropping.  I can't see the difference in the mirror and in most of my clothes.  But my husband is noticing, a lot.  In fact, it's been hard to keep his hands off of me (not that I'd want to) and that extra attention is just another little affirmation to continue making good changes.  Is it my body (which still looks the same to me), the extra energy, or the joy I feel at the end of a good day that he notices?  Probably the combination of all the above.  We're both enjoying the gifts of the program.

Mixed greens with avocado dressing for lunch.

I've never been much of a cook and every time I overcooked a $70 piece of dry aged steak I would be mortified and George would try hide his disappointed, pour on a ton of sauce, and pretend to eat it with pleasure.  It was then, around five years ago, that I googled "how to cook a steak" I discovered Ree Drummond's blog, The Pioneer Woman.   Chloe and I would stay up late laughing to tears at the latest antics of her dog, Charlie.  I poured over the homeschooling entries with envy until I built up enough gumption to pull my kid out of school to try it myself.  From the photography section, I learned a few good tricks to add to my arsenal of skills.  I did make that steak, pan fried in butter and salt, and George had no disappointment to hide that night!

I still get her daily feed in my inbox, but don't always take the time to read it.  My diet has changed a lot since then.  We extended our urban commitment by purchasing an overpriced city townhouse.  Our (somewhat aggressive 130 lb) dog found a new home.  And my homeschooling experiment ended when my daughter wanted to go back to school.  I will never be a country girl and my husband will never wear chaps.  I'm not even sure that I'll ever get a dog again, unless it's under 20 lbs.

It is still fun to check up on The Pioneer Woman every once in awhile, so I was thrilled to see clips of her new show a few months ago on Food Network.  Already having eliminated most dairy from my diet, and reduced the meat to just a rare taste every now and then, I didn't drool over her food the way I used to.  I've always thought she was a beautiful woman, still is, but now I notice that she wears a lot of the same kinds of clothes that I do, big flowing tunics that reach well past her bottom.  Her hair is long and worn close around her face.  Yeah, I know what she's doing.  I do that, too.  She refers frequently in her writing how the amount of cream and butter in her cooking relates to her love handles or flabby arms.  I thought (a little catty here), hmmm, maybe it's time to cut back on some of that butter.

One of the episodes show her preparing a big cowboy dinner of chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, and marinated tomatoes (that tomato recipe will please my family tonight).  That's a meal that my own husband would die for.  Then I watched her make the mashed potatoes with multiple sticks of butter and a brick of cream cheese.  She poured on the heavy cream and added more butter on top before baking.  Wow!  With all that saturated fat, that's literally a meal one can die for, and she hadn't even gotten to the chicken fried steak part.  I'm feeling all smug because we're not eating that way so much anymore.  Then I watched to the end of the episode when the table is set, a bunch of kids and cowboys come in for dinner, and her hunky husband comes over with a passionate embrace (or did he smack her on the ass?) thanking her for the wonderful meal.  I had chills.  I would cook that way every night if I could elicit that response from my husband.

Nah, not really.  As I reminisce about last night, I know I don't need to cook that way to elicit a rock'in hot passionate good response from my husband.

Good riddance butter fat.

Hello, sexy raw diet.

(PS:  I'm already feeling guilty for being catty.  Sorry, PW.)


  1. OMG Dominique, I love your writing! You are inspiring me to get serious about this eating thing. With Imani in my ear, your blog, and my "Crazy, Sexy, Diet book, I just may make it.


  2. Love ladies, do I have a community now! Hey my thoughts are my prayers a community!