Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Veggie Sushi

Last month I made the Nut Sushi from The Garden Diet menu.  It was filling and interesting, but not interesting enough to repeat it.  Just a little too nutty for me - which is great for many other dishes, but not to satisfy a sushi craving.  I Googled around a bit for a good rice replacement for raw sushi and most places recommend cauliflower.  I may try that yet, but I'm not in love with raw cauliflower, and when eating raw, it takes a lot of clever ingenuity to get a vegetable not to taste like itself.  I came across this video over at Renegade Health (super charming couple - their smiles and enthusiasm are contagious) that threw in a suggestion using celery root, or celeriac.  So, I bought one.  Kind of homely looking, huh?

Celeriac.  The inspiration for Jabba the Hutt?

I peeled off a generous layer with a paring knife, chunked it up, and ran it through the food processor.  It tasted raw and a little starchy, so I threw in the meat of a young coconut and processed it together.  Then it was divine and sticky enough like sushi rice.  For kicks, I added a bit of hot sesame oil (probably not raw), which was a little more kick than I wanted so I skipped out on adding any ginger.  My friend tried it later, and said I need to add some rice vinegar - next time.

Celery Root & Young Coconut

I assembled the rest of the fillers, sprouts, avocado, carrots and cucumber.  Curious what the texture would be like, I also threw in some kelp noodles.  It didn't add much interest, so I probably wouldn't bother next time.

Fill it.

With a sheet of raw sushi nori on a bamboo mat, I filled half the sheet with the celeriac-coconut mixture.  Across the middle of the filling add the veggies.

Roll it.

If you haven't done this before, there are a gazillion youTube demo's to help.  I didn't have a bamboo mat the first time I tried this and a sheet of plastic wrap worked just as good (and easier to clean up). 

Pat it. 

Wet the end edge of the nori with water and smooth down to seal.

Slice it.  And eat.

I made a quick dipping sauce with Tamari, vinegar, and a dab of agave.  Yum.

For next time, I'll skip the sesame oil and add a bit of rice vinegar to the celeriac-coconut mixture.  Also, I found my fillings missing something... I may add some wasabi and ginger, ye olde sushi standards, or mix up a spicy cashew cream sauce to drizzle throughout. 

Raw Vegan Veggie Sushi
Celery root
Meat of young coconut
Sesame Oil (to taste, I used about 1 tsp)
Raw Sushi Nori


  1. Its really good with a cashew creme instead of nuts crushed or roots crushed I like the cream is has the desness too but not heavy:) The cream with tamari some veggies avocado perfect!

    1. That's sounds great - I love cashew cremes and the possibilities are endless. I'll try it next time.

  2. Can hardly wait to sample some!

  3. Great recipe it will be good solution to indigestion health issue.