Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In less than 24 hours I'll be on a plane to make our annual trek to visit my husband's family with his 4 younger sisters (one can't make it this year) their kids and some spouses.  This is a trip that I look forward to quite a bit.  Living in the midwest, we have only my mother of all our extended family that lives nearby.  So it is a big treat to get my kids together with all their cousins.  I also like being around my in-laws.  I should confess, when I was dating my husband, meeting his family and seeing how they relate to one another with a great deal of kindness and respect solidified the deal for me.  It's a privilege to be accepted into another's big and loving family.


 I wasn't happy about our chosen meeting place this year.  We'll be going to Arizona in the heat of the summer.  I know - everyone claims that it's dry heat.  But it's really, really intense dry heat.  Now that we've made all the arrangements, I'm still pretty happy.  We'll have a lot of time poolside, a side trip to the Grand Canyon, and an adults only venture to Vegas (where I'm excited to hang out at a pool and spa for three days straight).  There will be a chess marathon between my husband and his dad.  Endless board games around the enormous dining table.  Yard games.  Outings.  Sparklers.  Everything you can think of because my sisters will have already thought of it and will make sure we do it. 

I'm looking forward to sharing my raw recipes this year with the family - tempting me to pack up my Vita Mix and juicer.  My mother-in-law has always fed her family very healthy and she is especially interested in my raw vegan adventures.  One sister has gone gluten and dairy free.  And the rest just love food and are willing to try anything new and delicious.  After a month of enjoying the food feast that my house guests have brought to my home, I'm determined to shift my focus back to raw foods as I share this with my family.

But I'm not going to be so raw that I can't indulge in my once a year favorite, Navajo Tacos.


  1. Oh, Dom - this was SO fun to read. I just loved it. I can't wait to join you all soon. I, too, look forward to these trips so much. We've all had so many good memories over the years. p.s. I wonder if there's a cool bowling alley in Vegas. :)