Thursday, July 19, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

I wish I could write this post with a position of credibility and strength.  However, here I am on the road again, and not eating well.  There was a moment during the day of packing that I pulled out my Garden Diet menus and a notebook to figure out what food would be practical to pack and eat during a road trip and what foods are realistic to prepare in a hotel room.  I was all ready to plan, then got distracted (parenting, you know) and then took the kids to the pool, never returning to my planned planning session.  In a last ditch attempt to do something healthy, I ran over to my favorite raw restaurant and picked up a few entree's to go.

That was a waste of $60.  While the food may still be good for another day or two, fresh food tastes best fresh.  It just doesn't appeal to me after the first day.  Then it didn't help my cause that I decided to get the kids treats for the road trip that included potato chips, cookie and cracker packs.  Did I really think that I could keep my hands off of them?  And again (I know, I write about this too much without taking much action), why do I feed my kids crap?

At our first family get together we all had Kentucky Fried Chicken.  I had the choice of bringing one of my raw entrees, but I thought, no big deal.  I wasn't very hungry, so I'd just wait until later.  Fail.  (That's my tween talking.)  There's not even a moderately healthy option in that family value pack - just fried grease, salt, and carbs - the worst kind, simple, white carbs stripped of all nutrients possible.

Do you ever feel like you can't make the right choices because everything and/or everyone around you is going against you?  Like, I could really lose weight if my husband didn't come home with a bag of chips and cookies.  If only I didn't have to make the kids their meal, I could really stick to my diet.  I'm so busy, I don't have a minute to prepare all that food?  I'm traveling and there's only fast food restaurants around here.  I'm so tired, I can't stop eating.  I just had a great workout, I can eat anything I want.

Those are many of my excuses.  I have many more, I just don't want to bore you all.  Only two days ago I was planning a post of how to survive travel while eating raw.  Instead, I'm feeling defeated so I'm burdened with all my excuses and looking to whatever I can to blame.  Change is hard.  Getting out of your routine is hard.  But living a life of ill health is even harder.

As I'm thinking about all of this, I know that at any moment I can turn this trip around.  Writing about it helps.  Although I don't know any of my readers except a small handful, writing publicly is a form of making a commitment.  Now, I need to find a decent healthy restaurant around here for lunch, or it's back to the grocery store.  Suggestions, anyone, for some good veggie food in Minnetonka?


  1. Hi there Dominique! I have a lot of experience packing food for trips and I find myself filling a lot of small plastic containers with raw foods like carrots, cucumbers, apple slices, non-salted nuts, grapes, dates, celery sticks, cherry tomatoes.... On our recent trip back from europe that is all the kids ate on the long plane ride and the long layovers (of course I also packed some mini chocolate eggs,); we did not but anything apart from water in the airports. If you plan ahead and visit the grocery store, and have lots of small containers and a freezer bag, healthy eating on the road might just be doable!

  2. I know what you mean, it is so easy to get off track when there are other yummy things around. My biggest downfall (other than chocolate) is that I love baking ... hmmm and who can help but taste test. You'll be right and you'll get back on that horse. Don't beat yourself up about it. We used to have snacks like Elena mentioned when travelling when we were kids.

  3. Wow, dejavu! Sounds like my Summer raw rollercoaster ride I have been on and off of :) My advice is to keep it simple and if you eat something SAD, like a sandwich, cram in some basil, cukes, red peppers. I seem to do a lot better if I start my day with already cut up watermelon topped with chia, hemp seeds, coconut, cacao, anything that you have pre-packaged you can dump on to keep your blood sugar from spiking and falling quickly. You could hit the salad bar at a grocery store and everyone make their own salads (our girls love doing that and they are so different from one another!)...that way you can do another container with already cut up fruits for the morning :) And keep bananas and oranges, nuts, even celery sticks and nut butter close by for quick to throw in the bag and run type snacks. Enjoy yourself most of all and just keep it simple...nothing better than digging into a fresh peach...even if you do eat KFC later, at least you had that nutritious treat!