Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Five Steps to an Awesome Morning

Post run sweaty goodness.  95F and it's not even noon.

1.  Kiss or hug someone.  Your lover, your kid, your roommate, your mom, your dog (not your cat, though, you're likely to get your eyes clawed out).  My honey snuck out while I was still sleeping, but I'm lucky, I got a lot of loving goodness from my baby boy.

2.  Drink a tall glass of water.  This pains me, still to this day.  I used to be called a camel when I was a kid.  Drink it anyway.  Your bowels will thank you.

3.  Don't take a shower.  Hop into your workout clothes before anything or anyone can change your mind.  So often I awake confused wondering what I should do first.  Just put on the Lycra.  Your next step will reveal itself.

4.  Go work out.  Because if you don't, hanging out in Lycra all day will look pretty stupid.  If the gym just takes too much time (getting there, getting back), hop out of bed and do a bunch of jumping jacks, pushups and situps.  Remember calisthenics?  Back in the dark ages when elementary schools used to have gym class?  Easy peasy.  Today, in spite of the heat warnings, I hoofed it over to the lake and jogged a few miles and said "good morning" to everyone I passed. 

5.  Eat a healthy breakfast.   Must include a big portion of fresh fruit or vegetables.  Plan it the night before so when your all sweaty from the workout, the decision has already been made, the ingredients ready so it's a no brainer.  Today was a frozen cantaloupe smoothie.  Yum.

Now, go take a shower.

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