Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Green Energy

So having had a hard time staying awake these days, I started this morning green.  I've been reading Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr and she has just the right amount of spunk to get me back on track. 

My juicer, while it can juice tree bark if I wanted it to, is a pain in my big butt to clean.  However, after a vacation of Great Harvest Bread (oh, I'm so glad they don't have a store near me), I needed the cleansing power of a fresh, green juice.  Today, I grabbed what I had on hand.  Celery, cucumber, spinach, wheat grass, green apple, lemon and ginger.  The ginger added the perfect zing.

Thinking green is almost as powerful as drinking green.  Going down, I imagined it cleansing out all the garbage left from an indulgent vacation.  Knowing it is energizing, I imagined and therefore felt greater energy.  Believing in its restorative powers, that kvetching cough at the back of my throat dissipated.  Whether it's real or a placebo, it doesn't matter.  It's a great way to start the day.  Crazy Sexy Kris recommends beginning each day with a green juice or smoothie.  I'm going to try that.

As for that tedious, overpriced juicer, well, it's still sitting by the sink waiting to be cleaned to be ready for tomorrow.

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