Friday, July 20, 2012

Vacation Workouts

If sticking to my diet poses a tremendous challenge during vacation, exercise does not.  I'm not a big fan of stuffy, little hotel gyms; however, I don't typically sleep well when I travel and at 7am when the rest of my group is enjoying the ability to sleep in, the gym is the only place to go.  With Pandora in my pocket, I can easily put in an hour or two on the machines without a hitch.  As soon as the sweat breaks, I'm no longer in a stuffy gym, but in that cool, meditative space where my mind is wide open.  I love it.

It is these unfettered days of being in another place where I have no dishes to do, no pets to tend to, no mail to sort, plants to water or floors to sweep.  The early hours and no one is yet upon me with their demands, time is all my own.  My body sings with the exertion and rewards me throughout the day with that extra lift in my step, the little buzz in my brain as the endorphins accelerate my thoughts to give me that greater sense of well being and clarity.

Upon my return home, exercise is quickly demoted to a chore, that thing I need to fit in.  It is often the first thing to go if I wake up in pain, or get to catch up on all that sleep that alluded me when gone, or when my day becomes too busy.  I know that the most successful exercise plan isn't the one with the best trainer or the most awesome yoga class.  It is the plan that isn't a plan - one that can fit in seamlessly.  Bike the kids to school instead of driving.  Walk to the grocery store.  Pass the elevator and climb the stairs.  Park the furthest from the door.  Swim laps when the kids are playing in the pool.  Do those calisthenics or aerobics before getting dressed. 

Here's to treating every day like a vacation day. 

PS:  In case you haven't seen this floating around on Facebook, I'll post it here.  Ever have those days when you don't want to go to the gym, or that awesome yoga class because you think you look awful in gym clothes.  Keep this in mind.  I love this, love this, love this - especially in the hotel gym that places those godawful mirrors directly in front of the treadmills.  So demotivating to see all my fat jiggling like crazy for an hour or two.  I always think of this image.  Keeps me going, loving my body, embracing the jiggles, knowing that I got off that damn couch!

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