Tuesday, August 07, 2012

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I faced a lot of confused looks at BlogHer12 when I told women that I write about raw foods, yet my blog's name is "Mixed Threads".  Just to explain a little, way back in the dinosaur ages when I began this blog, 2005, I wrote mostly about dieting (hmm, sound familiar?) and it was called "Wanna Shrink".  Well, I didn't stick with dieting much, and I had a super cute, little girl at the time, and a groovy conservation community to hang out in so I began to write about a wide variety of topics.  In other words, I was just another mommy blogger.  I also sewed, knit, crocheted, embroidered, and played with just about anything with threads.  It was then that I renamed the blog, "Mixed Threads".  Not long afterwards, my husband and I were applying for adoption.  I suddenly became very insecure of the stuff I was putting out for the whole world to see and I stopped blogging altogether.  Several years later, and I'm writing about dieting again, only specifically, my passion towards raw foods.  Mixed Threads confused the people that I met, like, "I thought you write about food?"

I'm not sure that I'm up for maintaining multiple blogs, but I'm going to give it a try.  I've created Just About Raw.  There I will be writing just about raw foods.  Hmmm, just like it says.  Well, with a little fitness thrown in there and perhaps reviews of health and nutrition research, books, diets, etc.  It also explains the way I eat, not only raw foods (which many people asked me with a look of horror on their faces), but mostly raw foods.  Maybe someday I'll be 100%, but considering that I have a hard time meeting all my nutritional needs eating 100% raw, I don't think that will ever be my goal.  Hey, even Victoria Boutenko doesn't eat 100% raw anymore.

I'm going to keep Mixed Threads around to write about all those other random things that interest me, like anything to do with threads (current baby blankets included), parenting, homeschooling, etc.  The new url will become www.mixedthread.com.  No plural, because mixedthreads.com was already taken and I don't care to spend a fortune on the name.  And if I'm really clever, mixedthreadsblog.com will forward to the new site so no one will ever get lost when trying to find me.

Look for these changes in the next couple of days.  And now that I've thoroughly bored you all, go outside for a walk.  It's gorgeous out, you'll feel great afterwards, and these summer days aren't going to last long.


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  1. Looking forward to your raw blog, Dominique!

    Mary Jo -- out at the Farm