Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Daily Exercise

Today was a walking day which is what I've been doing on my off days of my C25K program.  I walked like a speed walker (only not as fast, I'm sure) with my arms up and pumping along with my legs.  I could feel it in my breath.  3.6 miles in an hour.  Not bad.

I'd like to start working in swimming and biking.  That triathlon look really beautiful this last weekend.  Funny, in my workout clothes, when I'm most exposed compared to what I wear daily, I feel the most confident.  Possibly because of my purpose.  I feel very purposeful when dressed to workout.  I would, however, appreciate if someone made a more attractive line of workout wear for plus sizes.  If it's been done, I haven't seen it, yet.  Somebody, please?


  1. Just a "stalker" - when I last got some of my fave workout clothes, I saw Nordstrom online has their Zella line in plus size. Zella makes my fave running capris and jackets, fit great, wash well, great quality! Maybe their plus sizes are just as awesome?!

  2. Thanks, I'll definitely check them out.