Friday, August 31, 2012

Take a Walk With Me

One huge benefit of my exercise routine, is that it gets me out of the house and onto the lakefront.  I love Chicago's lakefront.  If you stick around my blog for awhile, you will see a lot of images of boats, geese, puffy clouds, and the horizon.  Lately, there have been new sculptures popping up frequently along my route. 

I love a city that invests in public art. 

After a little research, I've learned that these objects are only temporary, but we all get to enjoy them for at least a year.  They are a function of the 23rd International Sculpture Conference that is being held here in the beginning of October.  I won't be participating in the conference, but I am happy to be a beneficiary of all that beautiful (and some more interesting, than beautiful) work.

By the time it is complete, there should be 54 new installations to grace our shoreline.  I am lucky to see the new additions as they arrive, so I get a chance to consider each one individually instead of as one big tour.

One of these days I'll move on over to Word Press so I can show you a nice and tidy slideshow.  Until then, here are several other pieces in the exhibit.  I haven't found titles and artists' names for all of these, yet.  If you know, put it in the comments section and I'll update the captions.

The new one I saw today I must have circled several times, walked around it, walked within it, touched it in a few places, laid down beside it, and snapped several images. 

I like it.

It looks like a different piece of work from each angle.    

Some pieces that seem kind of bleh at first, become more interesting when taking it in with its surroundings.

Metal Response by Bill Vielehr
Some of them have better placement than others, like it is hard to photograph the best angle of a piece of work when there is a lot of busy stuff in the background, cars, lampposts, garbage cans, etc.  The surrounding detract from the work.

Folding Forms by Christopher Newman
Or in the case below, the surroundings are just as busy as the work.  Maybe too busy. 

by Ray Katz

I pacified the kids with ice cream so I could explore this one a bit.  I'd like to return at a time with long shadows.

These enormous horses are so at home at the Field Museum along with Sue, the T-Rex. 

Kelpies by Andy Scott
It took a few days before I noticed the little man looking up at the gigantic horse head.  Now it's one of my favorites.

Kelpies by Andy Scott
Looking at this always makes me want to scratch my ear.

Nautilus by Suzanne Horwitz
Whenever I look at Red Dancer, I have the urge to climb up and sit for awhile.  Impossible for me, but maybe a feat my 4yo.

Red Dancer by Gary Kulak
I love how this piece, Three Liner, moves.  Not just seeing a different piece from different angles, it is also different at different moments and days.

Three Liner by Evan Lewis
 The houses I find interesting, but challenging to photograph in the way that I see it.

I've passed Bouquet for weeks before finally photographing it.  Funny how when I don't like something, it is such a chore to just simply take a quick pic (not even a good photograph, sorry).

Bouquet by Terry Karpowicz
Flamenco Revisited is one I like from many different angles, but the iPhone just wasn't working with me that day (or really, I wasn't working well with it, perhaps).

Flamenco Revisited by Ruth Migdal
I think I need to start carrying around my big girl camera to reconsider a few pieces. 

If you get a chance, come to Chicago and take a walk along the lakefront.  I'd love to hear what your impressions are.

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