Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Flyby

Each year when the kids return to a school routine I imagine that I'll have tons of extra time to myself to do all the things I've ever wanted to do like writing more, exercising more, (un)cooking more, taking more photos, take photography classes, more yoga, start meditation, start a book club, start a book, start physical therapy, learn a foreign language, get a passport, plan a vacation, meet my husband for lunch, for a date, even just a quickie...

I digress.

I find I have less time.  I've added at least two solid hours of driving time a day, time to pack lunches, sign the forms, return the forms, supply lists, extra-curriculars, tutors (for my quasi homeschool).  There are doctor's appointments, vision appointments, dentist appointments.  Now the early alarm clocks, mouths to feed in a short interval, lunches to pack, detangling hair, teeth to clean, motivating the unmotivated.  Keeping the peace, deflecting the anger, sharing the love, keeping it unconditional in spite of the onslaught of "I hate you's."  Then the viruses, coughing, hacking, snuffling, sniffling, sneezing, sleeping. 

Oh, to sleep.

The routine I craved throughout the summer has run over and spit me out.  I'm still adjusting.  I'll be more careful what I wish for.  Ha!

Not all is lost.

Yesterday marked my official completion of the Couch to 5k program.  I ran it with my lovely SIL, and blogger, Mara.  She was in town for a quick visit and a promotion for Levi's.  Lucky duck.  I still have yet to run the entire 5k, but I'm getting close and feeling good.  There is a few more weeks to go before my first 5k in over 15 years.  Still walking and/or jogging daily and sharing an almost daily text with my most fantastic, long-distance workout sister.  It works to be held accountable.  The best texts received are the ones that say, "Where have you been?" or "Keep up the good work." or "You look great."  When a preprogrammed voice on the C25K app says the same thing, it means nothing.  When my sister chimes in, time to get on the ball!  I do it to her, too.  I'm afraid I'll get annoying, but I do it anyways.  On top of all that, because we're checking in with each other daily, we share all the other sisterly stuff that puts my crazy world in perspective. 

It's great to have sisters whether they be biological, step, in-law, or adopted.

Need a workout sister?  Join me on Twitter @mixed_threads.  I'll continue to post an image from my daily walk or jog and tag it as #dailywalk.  Follow me and share an image from your workout.  It'll be fun.  I'm still posting almost daily smoothie ideas, as well, and tag it as #dailysmoothie.  Check it out if you're looking for some healthy inspiration.  I've yet to figure a simple and elegant way to put it on the blog for those days (many of them, lately), that I can't get to my computer. 

Now on to fall.  Love, love, love this time of year.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Daily Smoothie

For the kiddos...

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Blend, pour and listen for the slurps.

For the mama...

Add spinach and maybe a little matcha.

With a tall glass and the NY Times, lock yourself on the terrace.


(Okay, before you say it, I know.  I know.  My kids could really benefit from the spinach smoothie.  They won't touch it.  But I promise you, I'll keep trying : )