Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Daily Walk: Under the 'L'

Look what I found beneath the 'L' tracks.

This was a dilapidated garage only months earlier.

Now it is canvas.

Vibrant.  Friendly.  Poppy.

Muscles bunching, back is aching, knees are creaking, getting up is painstaking.  From all the miles spent walking and jogging, I know I haven't kept up with stretching enough.  I specifically set the date and carved out the time to make it to yoga today for the first time in months, and I'm paying for it, in a good way.  As I held each pose, those that I didn't topple over, I could feel the tension release.

The cost to drive to class and park (Chicago Parking Meters, LLC - Grrrr) is equivalent to cab fare one way.  The cab is more fun and I frequently get into deep conversation with the driver.  I don't have the hassle of finding a parking spot.  And I get to walk home.  It's a little far to go both ways and time is always an issue.  Usually, if I'm power walking, I prefer the uninterrupted distances at the lakefront.  Today, however, I did the big work in class, so I was able to enjoy a leisurely walk through town.

I love how the city changes each time I pass through it.

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