Saturday, March 07, 2015

Keeping Track

This has what my homeschool has looked like for the past two weeks.  First I had the flu, and then the boy had the flu, so there has been a lot of time spent lying around the house watching Minecraft videos.  The last of our symptoms have been really tough to shake so we're still lying around the house watching Minecraft videos.

Well, he is watching videos, and I'm wasting time on the Internet thinking that I'm going to start something really productive and post about all the cool homeschool things we do so when I'm insecure about what I'm doing I can look back and say, "Oh yeah, we do a lot of really great stuff."

Maybe I should pick a better photo and show him building a movie theater in the middle of our living room, or growing crystals, or demonstrating how the moon changes shape, but this perfectly represents how we've spent the majority of time for the last two weeks, and will probably spend most of today like this, too.

Inertia is a bitch.